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Packing Materials from Jam Packed Boxes
Posted in Jam Packed News by on December 6th 2013

At Jam Packed Boxes we know that when you are moving your items from one place to another, your goal is to ensure that everything arrives in excellent condition. That is why we offer a wide selection of high-quality, durable moving boxes and packaging materials which will help to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving process.


Quality Packaging Materials From Jam Packed Boxes


Quality packaging materials will allow you to be more organised when moving your belongings. Purchasing the necessary items such as scissors, bubble wrap, stickers, duct tape, packing paper and other accessories will also help to make the moving process much easier. Having these items within reach when packing will make the process faster and more organised.


When moving your belongings, we suggest that you aim to pack items efficiently and in a way that is secure for transportation. Jam Packed Boxes offer all the necessary packaging materials, but what are the four materials that could make your move a lot easier?


Top 4 Packaging Materials Every Packer Has To Own

There are hundreds of packaging materials available on the market, so here at Jam Packed Boxes we have listed the top four items that will save you time, frustration and will make your packing more efficient.

  1. Probably one of the most valuable items when packing is a tape gun. It will probably save you the most time and stress when packing. Once you are done, you could simply keep it in the kitchen drawer, and we are certain you will find it indispensable.

  2. How could you keep your items secure without bubble wrap? Bubble wrap is the most effective material for keeping breakable items secure.

  3. Marker pen or stickers. Marker pens and stickers are necessary if you want to move efficiently. If your boxes are clearly labelled you will be able to see which room they should be placed in when you arrive at your new house.

  4. Duct tape. You probably won’t find a single person who wouldn’t need duct tape while packing. It is a great way to secure your moving boxes.


If you are looking for quality packaging materials that will help to make your packing more efficiently, browse the Jam Packed Boxes website to find everything you need.

For more information please call: 0800 566 8419 or visit their website: http://///www.jampackedboxes.co.uk/

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