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Wraping rather than Packing
Posted in Jam Packed News by on December 3rd 2013

When most people thinking of packing up their home they think of packing things up and putting them into boxes.  But what do you do with the furniture and the items that do not fit into boxes?

Sofas and Mattresses

When moving sofas and mattresses, the chances of them breaking is slim, however protection is needed for these items when moving to ensure that they do not get grubby and marked.  This is where the furniture protectors come into it.  Mattress covers are a great way to ensure that no marks are left on the mattresses during transit and storage.  Not only do the covers protect from marks on the mattress but they are also handy for waterproofing if it is raining whilst you are moving house.  

The sofa covers are useful if you are carrying out decorating, the covers are simple to place over the sofas in situe, this saving you the time and effort when moving furniture in and out of rooms whilst carrying out painting work and sanding down.  Then once you are finished it is just a case of taking them off and throwing them away.


Shrink Wrap

If you are moving an odd shaped piece of furniture and would like to protect it from dirst and water then shrink wrap is a great way to achieve this.  If you have a unit with doors that have tendancy to swing open, shrink wrap can be used to keep these shut when carrying them in and our of rooms within the house. Shrink wrap is easy to apply and several layers can be used if you wish to add extra protection to a particular item.


Antiques and High Gloss Furniture

Often of great financial and sentimental value, antiques and high gloss furniture are normally at the top of the list of items people wish to protect.  The best ways to achieve protection for these kind of items is by using export wrap.  Export wrap consits of four layers of thick paper laid over the top of each other.  The process of wrapping an item with export wrap is the same as wrapping your Christmas Presents.  The export wrap can be cut and shaped around an item of furniture as bespoke wrapping.

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